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Claddagh Properties strives to deliver Property Management services to Investors by applying the highest standards of professionalism, competence, and integrity.


  • To maintain a service related attitude, intended to promote the well being encompassing all aspects of the client’s property management needs.

  • To actively communicate with clients, tenants, vendors and others when providing management services for their investment properties.

  • To be attentive and courteous at all times.

  • To master and continually excel on the fundamentals and mechanics of property management.

  • To represent each client with their specific needs and goals.

  • To provide timely and accurate information and reports to every client regardless of the content or outcome.

  • To manage and protect every client’s investment property by employing qualified, dependable, and reliable contractors or vendors at a reasonable cost.

  • To aggressively market every property in order to minimize vacancies and maximize annual rents.

  • To schedule on-site inspections on a regular basis both by drive-by and annual preventive maintenance inspections.

  • To screen and interview every prospective tenant, including credit and background checks, to ensure quality renters that are responsible and timely payers.

  • To enforce all rules and regulations required by Federal, State or local laws or defined by clients.

  • To serve all legal notices correctly and timely, initiate and supervise eviction process from start to finish.

From the beginning of every client relationship, integrity is first and foremost – for it is my conviction that integrity is the cornerstone of all successful relationships.

Dan Ruskin

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